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1 month (Random Course)

25 days (125 hr)

One month internship is a time limit of 125 hours in 25 days. During this time, interns work with the company to practice live on site- work, complete projects, gain knowledge of the company’s routine operations, and understand how teams work together to achieves shared goals

Experienced Team

A Professional responsible for overseeing, guiding and leading a team of people.

Practice Make Perfect

Theory without practice is just as incomplete as practice without theory.


A competent engineer is one who creates a design that operates with minimal innovative ideas.


The Practical Experience provided by Great Skill Innovations is a better choice in your career.

How We Work

  • Land Measuring and area calculation Practices

  • Estimation and Valuation of a building Practices

  • Structural Design of Building Training

  • Setting Out of a Plan into land

  • R R Masonry, Pile Foundation onsite Training

  • Brick Masonry and Plastering onsite Training

  • RCC, PCC, RMC onsite

A civil Engineer Must be known

Ability to perform error-free work on site

Ability to find the mistakes work on site

Ability to solve the mistake work on site