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Everything You Need to Know About Digital Marketing Course After 12th Grade, Let’s find out!

Are you Interested in joining a Digital Marketing Course after 12th Grade? 

Then you’re on the right path. In this blog, you’ll learn about the benefits, scopes, and requirements for launching a career in Digital Marketing, right after 12th grade. 

Consider this: In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit us. The economy suffered world-over. Not just the economy, but a lot more is in shambles, including the basic health infrastructure and political systems of many countries.

The UN Chief even commented that the COVID-19 pandemic was the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.

Considering how long the aftereffects of the Second World War lasted, doesn’t it stand to reason that the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic were going to last even longer– or perhaps even make permanent changes in the way we think and work?

This is the sentiment millions of digital marketers around the world are banking on.

For more than a decade, the world has gradually been making the shift to having a completely separate world online: E-commerce, e-mail, social media, even online dating. Nothing had been spared. The pandemic merely removed our choice from the matter. 

Instead of choosing to do things online, we were forced to do things online. And with more than two years into lockdown, many people have been able to find the silver lining in this world of work-from-home and call-in meetings.

It’s very clear that even as this pandemic is winding up, the demand for online services will stay higher than ever in the coming years. The people who service this segment will benefit more than ever before. And these people are, of course, Digital Marketers.

Can You Do Digital Marketing After 12th?

Yes, Students who spend much time on social media platforms, whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. They can utilize their time on these platforms by marketing their products or ideas on them and thus, earn money. Sounds interesting? Yes, they can do this if they get proper guidance to learn marketing on Greatskill Innovation.

That is why doing a Digital Marketing Course after 12th is always the best option for students.

What does a digital marketer study?

There is, as they say, no free lunch. Digital marketers, while not needing to study in the traditional sense, still need to practice and hone their skills. 

If you are new to the digital world, you probably need to learn some brand-new skills. 

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How much does a digital marketer earn in India? 

According to the census, a digital marketer’s base salary would be an average of INR 240,000. which translates to roughly INR 20,000 a month. However, you have to remember that this is the base salary. 

Your future increments, promotions, job switches, and experience, will only add to this figure. Also, this figure would be your earnings even if you’re fresh out of college, or even if you don’t possess an undergraduate degree at all. Considering the job market, this is pretty impressive. 


In conclusion, building on a career in digital marketing holds immense promise for future growth and opportunity, as evidenced by the large array of courses available after 12th.

Greatskill offers complete practical knowledge, with 3 months duration and 1 month internship of  live project, in such a way our students will be much confident about their work and growing career.

Our course not only provides theoretical knowledge but also offers hands-on experience and practical insights, preparing students for success in the dynamic digital landscape.